Ideas For Painting Stunning Stripes


Colorful wall patterns always have a way of bringing tons of personality into a space.   Although it takes a little patience, stripes are one of the easiest patterns to paint, and the results can be simply stunning.




Vertical stripes will make a room’s ceiling appear higher while horizontal stripes will visually widen a room.  Horizontal lines will also give your space a more contemporary feel.




{In this photo, the wall is covered with fabric.  From archiexpo}

If ‘high-energy’ is what you want, it’s OK to use several colors.  The result could be electrifying, so you may want to reserve this treatment for one focal wall.


Of course, painting the walls is not the only way to bring colorful stripes into your space.  You can also look for a great area rug, furniture pieces or lighting fixtures.




{Love this lampshade!  From littlephant}

{What a great way to spruce up a boring, white ceiling fan!  From inmyownstyle}

A few more:

{google images}



There are so many different ways to express yourself with stripes, and the good news is, this pattern is classic and timeless. It will never feel dated.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to paint stripes.

6 thoughts on “Ideas For Painting Stunning Stripes

  1. All I can say is “WOW!” I’ll never look at stripes the same way again. What a great way to liven up a space, and thanks so much for your ‘how to’ paint the stripes link. I’ve been unleashed!

  2. Stripes. Color. More stripes! I love the detail and attention to creativity in all of these rooms. I came across your post this afternoon while browsing interior design blogs and the topic of window treatment selection was very interesting to me. It is true that you must dress your windows appropriately to bring out their true beauty. Thank you for writing and as a special thanks to you and your readers, I would like to offer a 20% off coupon using this code upon checkout: BLG20.

  3. I have always loved stripes although I feel on walls they can be a bit juvenile. but I love the striped fan…how cute is that? fun post

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