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Color Scheme: Yellow and Black

Yellow and Black is probably the most powerful color combination on Earth…

These two hues command our attention like no other color duo can.  In nature, yellow and black insects warn us of their danger or perhaps attract us to their beauty.

On the road, the same colors catch the eye of drivers and communicate the need for extreme caution.

So how does this translate into interiors?  Spaces that combine the cheerfulness and radiance of yellow with the sophistication and elegance of black provide a very dramatic setting that is both lighthearted and refined — as shown by the following two spaces designed by Tracy Murdock.

By adding white or gray, the strength of yellow and black is lessened; therefore creating a space that is not so startling but still lively.

{design by Christian May}

{printed canvas available at The Contemporary Home UK}

{Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel – design by Kelly Wearstler}

A yellow and black space is bold but it need not be too brash.  Avoid equal amounts of each hue by using one as the dominant color and the other as an accent.  Also remember to use splashes of white, gray or any pastel to soften the color scheme.  Follow these guidelines and you too can create an attention-getting space that will also put a smile on your face.

additional photo credits:  lovehome; my home ideas; bhg

Black, White & Whatever You Like

As someone who’s passionate about color, I actually love black and white spaces…


…because you have the freedom to add any accent color you desire.  So which hues work best with black and white?  Well, because this combo creates such a dramatic effect, muted and soft colors won’t get much attention.  Go bold and bright with your accent color, and it will surely stand out.  Here are some of my faves:



1. ceramic lamp, 2. juicy clock, 3. set of 3 vases



1. chandelier pillow, 2. lamp, 3. flower pillow



1. glass vase, 2. fern pillow, 3. chandelier




1. side chairs, 2. chandelier, 3. telephone

{lime green}


1. chest, 2. side chairs, 3. accent table



1. candles, 2. picture frame, 3. bubble lamps

black and white bedroom: csnbenches.com

Final Four Inspired Room

Can this NCAA Final Four logo be turned into a room?


Yes indeed!  Remember my Super Bowl XLIII Logo inspired room? Well, my husband challenged me to take another shot {no pun intended} using this year’s NCAA logo.  So, once again using an on-line painting tool, here’s what I came up with.


I created two different scenarios using gray and periwinkle-blue as the dominant wall color.  I really couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I posted them both.  The gray walls definitely provide a more contemporary, urban feel.  However in this dining room, which has little fabric but very hard lines, the blue walls soften the entire look of the space.  Which room do you like best?


Colors are from Sherwin-Williams: Web Gray, Domino, Venture Violet, Valiant Violet, Dazzle, Frank Blue

Black, White, A Touch of Sunlight

I was so inspired by this photo in the new White House Black Market catalog.

white house black market

Are they selling shoes or flowers?  Black and white is very chic these days — for fashion and home.  The yellow adds an eye-catching, happy pop of color.


{bright yellow walls can be toned down with white draperies; from countryliving.com}


{even a small dose of vibrant yellow will stand out, and make a black and white space seem less serious — love the pendant! From lampsplus.com}


{a single black lamp shade is teamed up with navy blue for a less dramatic look; from valspar.com}



{softer yellows also warm up a black and white space; from designersguild.com}


{you can’t help but to be in a good mood if you’re sitting on a sunny-yellow sofa — I bet the Ugly Doll is happy; from domino}

Orange, Black And Snowman White

My snowman scissors are one of my favorite things.  As a snow lover, I’m really enjoying the late winter snowfall that surprised us here on the East coast.  So, today I’m inspired by the quintessential snowman!


I’m sure Mr. Snowman will pop up around the region today, featuring an orange carrot nose and black charcoal eyes, buttons and perhaps a gray, brown or black hat — like the one on my scissors.  It’s a simple color scheme that packs a little punch.  Below are a few inspired spaces that I know snowmen everywhere would approve of:


from Traditional Home magazine


from the book, “The Smart Approach To Kids’ Rooms” by Megan Connelly

from newyorksocialdiary.com

from newyorksocialdiary.com

The view from my home studio today:

snow day_march09_kporter