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In Season: Orange and Brown

brown and orange bedroom

both photos from museinteriors.net

both photos from museinteriors.net

Are you enjoying this fall weather as much as I am?  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I love, love, love fall, and this time of year I usually dedicate a post to orange and brown (a la pumpkin and pinecone).



Orange and brown together are so inviting, and they can make any room feel cozy — even with the addition of cooler colors, such as blue.

Orange and brown feel especially right during the fall months, but these colors look and feel comfortable all year long.

linda woodrum

linda woodrum





How will you use orange and brown this fall?

Color Scheme: Shades of Coffee

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee?  I do!  But even if you don’t, it’s hard to resist the warm, cozy color of all things coffee.


Whether it’s the lighter shades of mocha and latte or the darker tones of espresso and cappuccino, coffee colors are trending these days.  And they look and feel even better this time of year when the weather starts to turn cooler and the landscape appears more brown.

{buffington homes via houzz}

I guess you could say that these earth tones are just different shades of beige but that sounds so un-cool.  After all, beige is boring.  Coffee colors are — wait for it — stirring.

Not too long ago, brown was the hottest neutral on the planet before it was upstaged by gray.  Brown is still around, and one current trend is to pair it with vibrant colors as shown in this dining room by Tobi Fairley:

But more often I’m seeing brown combined with different variations of itself.  That is the ‘shades of coffee’ color scheme.  I like it because it’s classic, very easy on the eyes and it’s very easy to bring other colors into the mix.

{traditional home}

{bedroom photo above from bhg.com}

Coffee colors are very easy to incorporate into your home because you don’t have to rely on paint.  Go for a leather sofa or chairs, stained wood furniture and cabinets and woven window shades.


You can also install a dark wood flooring, stained planked ceiling or play up that exposed brick wall.

{buffington homes}

{jim howard}

{bauhaus via houzz}


…And even though yellow seems to be a color that wouldn’t pair well with mocha or latte, the bedroom shown above proves that this color scheme can work really well.  So, if you’re ready to brew up a shade of coffee in your room, I hope you now have fresh ideas to get started.

Fall Color Scheme: Orange and Brown

Fall is my favorite season and I’m always inspired by the beautiful, warm colors that emerge this time of year.  I especially love the color combo of orange and brown.

{the lennoxx}

Yesterday, I took this photo of my front yard:

This is ‘peak week’ in my area — a time when the fall colors are at their best.  But today, the DC – Baltimore area is also awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  This storm is expected to blow through, cause wide-spread damage, and take the fall colors with it when it leaves.  I’m praying it won’t be as bad as some are saying, but we are preparing, nonetheless.  If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridor, be safe!

I hope the rest of you will have the chance to get out and enjoy the fall colors in your area this week.  And, no matter where you live, if you love warm colors and want to try an orange and brown color scheme at home, here are some very pretty ideas:


{the lennoxx}

{enchanted home}

{bedroom shown above from hisugarplum.com}



{hi sugarplum}


{cool interiors}

Color Scheme: Yellow And Brown

This photo recently appeared on the cover of The Washington Post.

This amazing 300 acre sunflower field is located just north of Baltimore on Clear Meadow Farm. It’s quite an image, and it inspired this post on Yellow and Brown spaces.


A Yellow and Brown color scheme has a definite, casual, retro vibe {think harvest-yellow appliances and dark brown paneling of the ’60’s and ’70’s}.  However, this color scheme can also be very elegant.

{my home ideas}

{the lovely lifestyle}

{the lennoxx}

{hooked on houses}


{the lennoxx}

Color Sheme: Purple and Brown

{Amanda Nisbet}

As the Fall 2010 colors begin to emerge, the autumn-inspired palette of purple and brown is definitely a trend to watch.  As you know, purple is my fave and I’m also glad to see that brown is still hot.

{trenddirector.net – Fall 2010 color trends}


I’m also loving the different variations:  lavender, taupe, plum, chocolate, periwinkle, espresso, violet, mocha…

{plates and napkins}

{jcpenney-studio helix collection}

{houzz.com –  designer Brian Patrick Flynn}

I’ve also been known to do a little lilac paired with khaki and chocolate, myself:

{Porter House Designs}