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Choosing A Color: Coral

Warm weather makes me think of the color coral.

{ellen kennon}

I know many people associate yellow with warm weather.  After all, yellow is the color of the sizzling sun.  But if you’re like me, when summer is on it’s way you’re thinking about a beautiful beach house, the center of a seashell, and even an amazing sunrise or sunset — all in shades of coral.

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Coral is a great color choice if you love vibrant, warm hues because you get the benefits of both orange and red.  Orange is uplifting and festive, while red is energizing and confident.  Coral makes a room feel intimate and cozy without appearing dark or too overwhelming.

{en escapio}

Coral makes a unique and welcoming color for the front door…


…And it’s wonderful to use an an accent.  Coral looks very chic with gray, turquoise and lime green.



{furniture trendoza}

And don’t forget the ceiling!  I’m a huge fan of painted ceilings.  You’ll be surprised at how marvelous it will make your room look.  Below is a living room I did for a client.  We pulled two shades of coral from her artwork and used them on the walls and ceiling.

coral living room | kelly porter


I also love the ceiling in this space.  Coral and teal is a very complementary color scheme:

{free house}


And if you’re having a party or you entertain regularly, coral makes the perfect backdrop for a celebration.

Summer is coming!  If you need help selecting colors, contact me at kelly@porterhousedesigns.com.  I offer eDesign Services to assist you wherever you live!

A Pink, Peach and Lilac Affair

One of my favorite event designs caught my eye six years ago.

OK, maybe it’s because I love lilac, but this darling decor still tops my list of faves.  Featured in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Receptions from Bride’s magazine, I re-discovered it while flipping through some old publications.

I just think these ribbon-tied flower boxes are so adorable.  What a great centerpiece idea for Mother’s Day, and your flowers don’t have to be expensive — mums and carnations work just fine!

If you’re planning a spring wedding, you certainly can’t beat this delicate color combination —  and check out the cookie favors:

Pretty ideas for the perfect spring celebration {and for those who love purple}!

Colorful Catalogs

Today is my birthday and the mailman brought me a bunch of catalogs.


After I got over the fact that I didn’t get that million dollar check in the mail, I figured I might as well flip through the catalogs to compare hot new items and look for color themes.  Here are my picks:

Williams Sonoma Home:


I love the delicate patterns of these colorful throw pillows.  After a long, cold winter {like the one we’re having on the East Coast}, these pillows will be just the thing to usher in the spring.



Picture 10

This year, CB2 is featuring items in fun, bright colors such as this lemongrass sofa {above}.  In line with the current trend, the catalog showcases contemporary hues along with gray, black and white.

gion bedding

Picture 10


Picture 13

Love this chest!  That gorgeous blue is somewhere in between turquoise and peacock blue.  I’m actually thinking about painting my front door this color.  Below is a chair and pillows in the prettiest of patterns.

Picture 12Picture 15

West Elm:


I love West Elm for their budget-friendly, casual seating.  These ‘scoop-back’ chairs {above} are no exception, and why choose just one?  2010 will be all about mixing and matching, so select one of each and place them around your dining table.

persimmon cody

Here is another great chair that can double-duty as a dining chair and accent chair.  CB2 calls this color persimmon — which is really a variation of coral — which you’ll also see described as mango this year.  I’m really loving this color right now.

If these featured items are any indication of what’s to come, this will be a year of bountiful color {and way more catalogs}!

Color Design: Coral And More

coral living room | kelly porter

One way to achieve great success with your color scheme is to ‘pull’ it out of your artwork.  This is exactly what I did when choosing paint colors for this beautiful home.  The homeowner {who is also my friend} had collected gorgeous abstract art pieces that were full of bold hues.  She also has great contemporary furniture, but because the walls were builder’s white, it just felt like something was missing.  Not any more.


{Like me, my friend has three boys.  Look how clean her white sectional sofa is!  Unbelievable!  Wall color:  Chrysanthemum by Sherwin-Williams}

We not only selected colors that complement the home’s furnishings, but my client-friend also took the bold approach of painting her ceilings.  This two-tone application adds tons of drama but the look is still harmonious because each room was painted with analogous colors:  coral for the family room and living room; blue-greens for the dining room.


In the dining room, new chairs line the wall, painted with Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams.  {There will be plenty of comfy seating for my friend’s large Christmas gathering.}


In the kitchen {below}, we used a rich neutral which picks up the tones of the cherry cabinets and dark wood flooring.  This warm, earthy color also balances all of the other hues.


The ceiling color in the family room was the same shade of coral that we used for the walls in the living room {below}.



Now, when friends and family come to visit, they embark on a colorful journey that begins right at the front door.

All photos by Porter House Designs.
If you need help with a color scheme, contact me at kelly@porterhousedesigns.com.  I offer very affordable eDesign services to assist you wherever you live {PayPal accepted}.