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In Season: Orange and Brown

brown and orange bedroom

both photos from museinteriors.net

both photos from museinteriors.net

Are you enjoying this fall weather as much as I am?  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I love, love, love fall, and this time of year I usually dedicate a post to orange and brown (a la pumpkin and pinecone).



Orange and brown together are so inviting, and they can make any room feel cozy — even with the addition of cooler colors, such as blue.

Orange and brown feel especially right during the fall months, but these colors look and feel comfortable all year long.

linda woodrum

linda woodrum





How will you use orange and brown this fall?

Fall Color Scheme: Orange and Brown

Fall is my favorite season and I’m always inspired by the beautiful, warm colors that emerge this time of year.  I especially love the color combo of orange and brown.

{the lennoxx}

Yesterday, I took this photo of my front yard:

This is ‘peak week’ in my area — a time when the fall colors are at their best.  But today, the DC – Baltimore area is also awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  This storm is expected to blow through, cause wide-spread damage, and take the fall colors with it when it leaves.  I’m praying it won’t be as bad as some are saying, but we are preparing, nonetheless.  If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridor, be safe!

I hope the rest of you will have the chance to get out and enjoy the fall colors in your area this week.  And, no matter where you live, if you love warm colors and want to try an orange and brown color scheme at home, here are some very pretty ideas:


{the lennoxx}

{enchanted home}

{bedroom shown above from hisugarplum.com}



{hi sugarplum}


{cool interiors}

Fall Centerpiece

When it comes to fall entertaining, using candles is an excellent way to make your guests feel welcome.

One of my go-to items for fall decorating is a silver candelabra that I purchased a few years ago at a discount store.  Candelabras are great for creating a centerpiece, but they can look very formal and serious.  So, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to use them in a fun, modern way.  My solution?  Ribbon — a cheap but very pretty way to spruce up just about anything.  I have tons of boxes filled with ribbon spools, and I’m always buying more.  I think I’m addicted!

To create my fall candelabra, I tied orange and yellow ribbon to the arms and used elegant, pearly white candles {I couldn’t light the candles for these pictures because it was too windy}.

My outdoor setting was inspired by a photo that Pauline of elationsdesigns.com sent me.  This is one of her designs:

{photographed by Eric Carlson}

I love how the dark wood, autumn orange and grassy green all look together.  For my design, I used a small console table {taken from my dining room}, and partially covered it with orange burlap.  Then I added white mini-pumpkins.

Another sweet touch — I filled the rims of the candelabra with candy corn that guests can help themselves to.

And little details make a big difference, such as dove-tailing the ends of the ribbon:

The simplest of things can make a festive fall table, and the harvest season gives us so much to work with:  pumpkins, acorns, ornamental corn, leaves, apples, and of course, candy!  You can use all of these things to decorate with style.

In my next post, I’ll show you how spray paint can transform a few of fall’s favorite things into shimmering home accessories.

{Part of my ribbon collection via instagram}

‘Jewelry Stand’ Centerpiece

If you’re like me and you own a lot of jewelry, chances are you might have a tiered jewelry stand similar to mine:

If you have one, look beyond those earrings and bracelets.  Your jewelry stand will make a great addition to a spring dessert table or table setting — just layer on some candy, cookies or cupcakes.  I turned my stand into a colorful centerpiece using flowers and spice drops.

…And for those of you who sell handmade jewelry, this would make a great centerpiece for a jewelry party.  I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas!

All photographs by Porter House Designs

Choosing A Color: Burnt Orange

This is the best time of year for orange lovers!

{rue magazine}

Although I love vibrant oranges, I also adore earthy, rusty ones too.  Clay colors such as terra cotta, burnt sienna, russett and persimmon are some of my faves.  These are the colors that make you feel warm and toasty all over.  Don’t you agree?


{inspired by design}

{jeffrey bilhuber}

{jeffrey bilhuber}

{jeannie balsam}

{jeffrey bilhuber}

To see more great photos of clay colored spaces, check out my recent ideabook over at houzz.com.