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Red Hot Ideas

Look what I found at Marshall’s:

Marshall’s is definitely one of those places where you need patience to rummage through stuff, but every once in a while I find something perfect, like these red peep-toe pumps.  Coincidentally, I just wrote a story over at Houzz.com about using the color red.

{m+charles beach interiors}

Just like a red dress, stilettos or peep-toe pumps, a red room can be elegant and sexy. This is a great color for a dining room where you want guests to be comfortable, attentive and ready for a lively conversation…

…and red is perfect in the bedroom because it is the color of love and passion.  Also, why not paint your powder room red?  Your home will have an element of surprise:

{webber+studio architects}

For more red hot ideas, check out my ideabook over at Houzz.com.

Two Dozen Red And Pink Roses

If you received flowers on Valentine’s Day, here is an easy, artful way to arrange them:

My wonderful husband gave me these beautiful roses and I arranged them in milk-glass bud vases — three roses in each vase.  You can use any type of vases, and drinking glasses will work too.  They don’t even have to match.

The idea is to spread your flowers around.  Arrange your containers in a group or put them in separate rooms.  Flowers don’t last long, so this is one way you can enjoy them even more!

Colors To Watch in 2011 – Part 3

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know that I’ve already named the following hot hues as Colors to Watch this year:

Wasabi GREEN | Peacock BLUE | Smoky GRAY

In this post, I’m presenting the fourth and final color {and the hottest of them all}.  Drumroll please…..


This alluring shade of red is one of my faves right now.  I love warm colors and I’m also drawn to ‘in-between’ colors.  In the case of Fiery Red, is it red or is it really burnt orange?  I like that you don’t know for sure.  Hey, color should be a little mysterious sometimes….it keeps things interesting.

Fiery Red was spotted on the runway recently…

…and pop princess Rhianna is rocking her red ‘do all over the globe.  It’s no surprise that this super hot color has also turned up in HGTV’s Dream Home 2011:

Only Fiery Red {Tomato Red by Sherwin-Williams} could warm up this cozy Ski Dorm, which is part of HGTV’s newest Dream Home located in Stowe, Vermont.

Of course this color isn’t just for colder climates.  Fiery Red adds a warm, welcome pop of color to any space any time of the year:

{design redux}

{jennifer flanders}

{google images}

{amanda nisbet}




Client Project: Working With A Red Sofa

In this post, I’m sharing a design project that I’m working on for one of my clients.  It involves a dining/living space, red sofas and gray paint.

As you can see in this BEFORE picture {above}, the space desperately needed some character and coziness.  The homeowner loves her red sofa and love seat, but she wasn’t sure how to decorate around them.

Here is my computer rendering of the AFTER space.  The first thing we did was paint using a pewter gray {Anew Gray from Sherwin-Williams}, which is actually a warm gray so it, along with a shag area rug, added instant coziness.  The black and silver frames above the sofa will hold family photos.  I also added elements that would provide texture and a few accent colors.

The renderings include a few “place holders,” but I’ll show you the actual pieces in separate photos — for instance, pictured above is the actual sofa lamp/end table combo.  The lamp is from lampsplus.com; table from target.com}


The space really needed additional lighting, so I worked a few extra lamps into the design.  The homeowner also wanted a scenario with extra seating, so I presented her with an Option B, pictured below:

{The bench is from anthropologie.com}

Pictured above is the BEFORE dining area, which opens to the living space.  Below are the AFTER renderings:

{This is the actual host/hostess chair from pier1.com}

My client already owned a terrific piece of art that provided a pop of red to the dining space.  An arrangement of dinner plates adds interest to the opposite wall.

Here are the actual window treatments {below} that will be used in both the dining and living area:

The space is coming along beautifully!  We’re in the process of purchasing all of the items and waiting for everything to arrive.  I should have photos of the completed space to show you soon!

If you need design help, I’d love to work with you {and it doesn’t matter where you live}!  Contact me at info@porterhousedesigns.com.