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It’s Time To Change Accent Colors

There are just some things you can’t change about your home, but color is not one of them.

I change my home’s colors all the time — to the dismay of my husband.  He says that as soon as he gets used to the latest colors, I change them again.  So, what’s new at my house?  Teal, turquoise and a refreshing mix of warm greens.

Painting is a very easy way to transform the look of a room, but adding or changing a room’s accent colors is even easier.  Let’s face it.  Once you take the time to paint a room {especially a large room or open space}, you may not want to paint it again.  It’s much more efficient to change your accessories, which is what I’ve done in my family room.

{a corner view of my family room}

It’s a two-story room that opens to the upstairs and the foyer.  We painted the space about ten years ago and I still love the amber wall color.  I was just tired of the rusty-red accents.  So, for the room’s mini-transformation, I started with fabric.  I found an amazing, velvet and silk retro pattern that I used for color inspiration.  The fabric vibes perfectly with the style of my home, which is a marriage of Spanish traditional and modern.

{my inspiration fabric}

I used the fabric to re-cover four throw pillows.  I also used those gorgeous warm blues and greens to customize my existing wall clock:

I mixed acrylic paints to get four different shades of green and a rich teal.  Then I painted the clock’s numerals and hands.

I also had fun rounding up accessories that fit into my new color scheme.

{I purchased these glass vases at Marshall’s.}

{This glass bowl is from HomeGoods.  I love how it sparkles in the sunlight!}

Below are my thrift store finds from the Salvation Army.  This is one of two lamps that I bought about a year ago but they needed new shades, so they sat in storage for a while.  I finally found a perfect pair of silk shades at amazon.com, and I added turquoise finials that I got from Pier 1.

{The ceramic vase, also from SA, was a real bargain.  I think it cost about $4.00.}

{I found these turquoise tassels at a local fabric store.}

I’m still working on some finishing touches in my family room, so when they’re done I’ll post more pictures.  In the meantime, I hope you’ve been inspired to change your colors.  Doing so will bring a fresh look and new energy to your home.

I took all of these photos with my iPhone via Instagram — my favorite app these days.

Christmas Wreath Number One

Each year, during the holiday season, I put up no less than 35 wreaths around my home — on the windows, doors and out in the yard.

Here is the first one I’ve put up so far.  It’s in the foyer {I’ve been on a blue kick, lately}.

I make all of the wreaths {and bows} myself.  Most of them are different, some are faux and some are real but all of them are colorful.  The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year to color your home!

A snapshot from last year:

{my front door}

All photos by Porter House Designs

Choosing A Color: Tantalizing Teal

When New York Fashion Week wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, Teal was one color that created a buzz.

{Designs by Tracy Reese; Betsey Johnson; Prabal Gurung}

Typically, the color teal is a medium to deep blue-green. Teal has started appearing in home decor as a slightly different and deeper alternative to the ever-popular turquoise.


Teal is such a great, relaxing paint color for your home — especially for those of you who prefer richer hues.  Teal is serene but not washed out.  I love pairing it with contrasting hues such as red, pink, yellow, orange and warm-green.


{living etc}

{elle decor}

{house of turquoise}


{cuppitycake blog}

{kendall wilkinson}

Other yummy take-away colors from New York Fashion Week – Spring 2011 {from Pantone}:

{Glad to see that Lavender is included, too!}