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My New Blue Room

It’s been a few weeks since I told you about my plans to re-paint my red room…

turquoise and red room by kelly porter

…so I’m super excited to announce that the deed is done!  Red has left the building.  Well, sort of.  I kept the red chairs and I’m really loving how they look in the space.

turquoise and red pillow1

In my Turquoise and Red post, I shared several inspiration photos of this terrific color combo — one of my faves.  But, I think my room turned out even better than I expected.  I still have a few more things to do…I’m waiting on a pair of prints that are being framed, and I’m hunting for new accessories…but I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I’ve done so far.

turquoise moroccan lamp

As you may recall, I wanted the walls to match the color of a Tiffany box, but I ended up changing course just a bit.

My original color choice was Mexicali Turquoise by Benjamin Moore.  I tested it out on two walls (I test big) and absolutely loved it.  But my husband…not so much.  It was “too bright” (his words). *heavy sigh* (me).  So, after looking at several more Ben Moore blues I decided on Spectra Blue — a little softer and slightly muted.

painting in progress

mexicali turquoise by benjamin moore

mexicali turquoise by benjamin moore

final color

spectra blue by benjamin moore

We are very happy with how the room is shaping up, and just in time for the holidays! Spectra Blue is quite possibly one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever used.

spectra blue by benjamin moore

The tone changes throughout the day, as the sun travels from the front of my house to the back.  It’s not exactly Tiffany blue, but it’s a very refreshing color that mimics the sky and sea.

black desk in turquoise room


blue room

My tips for painting:

Test the color first and look at it for a day or so under different lighting conditions.  Be patient and don’t hesitate to paint over a color that doesn’t work.  And if you’re just stuck with choosing colors, call a professional.  Color consultants can save you time, money and frustration…take it from me!

Turquoise and Red

I have long admired the color combination of turquoise and red.

There is just something about pairing an ultra-serene color with one that is so electrifying. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’ve probably seen photos of my red room….

red room_kporter

…and you may have noticed that I have red chairs in my red room.  So, after 1o years of looking at all that red, I’m ready for a change.  I’m keeping the chairs (at least for now) but I’ve decided to paint the walls turquoise.



I’m not yet sure which color I’ll use.  For some reason, it is soooo much easier to select paint colors for my clients than it is for my own home, but I’m leaning towards a true Tiffany blue. This post includes some of my inspiration photos.  If you love turquoise and especially red, take a close look at these pictures.  Many people  love red but they don’t incorporate it in their homes because they are too afraid.

apartment therapy

apartment therapy


Red is definitely a bold color choice, and I would not necessarily recommend that you put red furniture in a red room like I did.  I loved it, but it’s not for everyone.  However, using a great shade of cranberry or crimson with soft blues, works very well because it creates a nice balance of color and energy.  Red also looks great with soft greens, gray and brown.

interiors by olatz

interiors by olatz





So, in my quest to find the perfect Tiffany blue, I used…what else?  A Tiffany gift box (I’ve gotten a few over the years, thanks to my wonderful husband).  Then, I matched it with some colors from BenjaminMoore.com:

Clockwise: The box; Mexicali Turquoise; Oceanic Teal; Caribbean Cool

The colors look almost the same, don’t they?  The variations appear subtle but you can really see the differences when the lighting is dimmer.  I think Mexicali Turquoise is the closest match, so I’m off to the paint store to test it out.  I’ll keep you posted!  And here is a little more inspiration (love this idea!):

It’s Time To Change Accent Colors

There are just some things you can’t change about your home, but color is not one of them.

I change my home’s colors all the time — to the dismay of my husband.  He says that as soon as he gets used to the latest colors, I change them again.  So, what’s new at my house?  Teal, turquoise and a refreshing mix of warm greens.

Painting is a very easy way to transform the look of a room, but adding or changing a room’s accent colors is even easier.  Let’s face it.  Once you take the time to paint a room {especially a large room or open space}, you may not want to paint it again.  It’s much more efficient to change your accessories, which is what I’ve done in my family room.

{a corner view of my family room}

It’s a two-story room that opens to the upstairs and the foyer.  We painted the space about ten years ago and I still love the amber wall color.  I was just tired of the rusty-red accents.  So, for the room’s mini-transformation, I started with fabric.  I found an amazing, velvet and silk retro pattern that I used for color inspiration.  The fabric vibes perfectly with the style of my home, which is a marriage of Spanish traditional and modern.

{my inspiration fabric}

I used the fabric to re-cover four throw pillows.  I also used those gorgeous warm blues and greens to customize my existing wall clock:

I mixed acrylic paints to get four different shades of green and a rich teal.  Then I painted the clock’s numerals and hands.

I also had fun rounding up accessories that fit into my new color scheme.

{I purchased these glass vases at Marshall’s.}

{This glass bowl is from HomeGoods.  I love how it sparkles in the sunlight!}

Below are my thrift store finds from the Salvation Army.  This is one of two lamps that I bought about a year ago but they needed new shades, so they sat in storage for a while.  I finally found a perfect pair of silk shades at amazon.com, and I added turquoise finials that I got from Pier 1.

{The ceramic vase, also from SA, was a real bargain.  I think it cost about $4.00.}

{I found these turquoise tassels at a local fabric store.}

I’m still working on some finishing touches in my family room, so when they’re done I’ll post more pictures.  In the meantime, I hope you’ve been inspired to change your colors.  Doing so will bring a fresh look and new energy to your home.

I took all of these photos with my iPhone via Instagram — my favorite app these days.

Choosing A Color: Turquoise

Turquoise is a very popular color and it’s one of the most soothing hues you can use in your home.

{caperace via houzz}

You may recall seeing this design in my last post {by John David Edison}:

The color combination of turquoise, fuchsia and chartreuse is one of my faves.  These colors look amazing together, but they are also stunning when used alone.  So, I decided to focus on each of these hues in upcoming posts beginning with turquoise.

{sea side style}

Turquoise represents the color of the sea so it makes us feel very refreshed.  This color is a mix of blue, a calming hue, and green, a color of balance and harmony.  Although it’s a very relaxing color, homeowners are not just choosing turquoise for the bedroom.

{apartment therapy}

{dreamsicle day}

Turquoise is a popular color for the kitchen, home office, and living room.  I had a client who used turquoise as the main paint color for her condo.  Not surprising, considering many of us are constantly on the go and ‘plugged in’ to technology.  This is a great color for unwinding and relieving stress.



Lighter tints of turquoise are usually referred to as aqua.  Mid-tones are sometimes called azure or robin’s egg blue.  And deeper shades are considered teal.  When deciding how light or dark to go, think about the mood you want to create and factor in your room’s lighting and overall style.



CLICK HERE to see more paint color and decorating ideas using turquoise.

Turquoise And Green


I know that for many of you the weather has been sweltering.  It’s been pretty warm here too on the East coast.  This is usually the time of year when I start to crave the watery hues of the ocean.

{tracy garfield via houzz}

Turquoise and green is one of my favorite color schemes.  It’s cool, refreshing and always stylish.


{house of turquoise}

If you’d like to try this color palette, try experimenting with different types of green.  Emerald, spearmint, lime green, wasabi green and olive green are some to try.

{house of turquoise}




So, if you’ve been burning up out there, I hope this post has inspired you to create a space where you can chill out and cool down.

*For more tips on picking the right green {and other great colors}, check out my column at houzz.com!