Choosing A Color: Tantalizing Teal

When New York Fashion Week wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, Teal was one color that created a buzz.

{Designs by Tracy Reese; Betsey Johnson; Prabal Gurung}

Typically, the color teal is a medium to deep blue-green. Teal has started appearing in home decor as a slightly different and deeper alternative to the ever-popular turquoise.


Teal is such a great, relaxing paint color for your home — especially for those of you who prefer richer hues.  Teal is serene but not washed out.  I love pairing it with contrasting hues such as red, pink, yellow, orange and warm-green.


{living etc}

{elle decor}

{house of turquoise}


{cuppitycake blog}

{kendall wilkinson}

Other yummy take-away colors from New York Fashion Week – Spring 2011 {from Pantone}:

{Glad to see that Lavender is included, too!}

5 thoughts on “Choosing A Color: Tantalizing Teal

  1. Pretty, pretty! Love that teal. My home office is a deep teal/turquoise. Painted it about 4 years ago and I still love it! Thanks for sharing the fun pix!

  2. I just designed a living room for Amanda Burdge’s Designer’s Challenge that’s grey with teal accents :-) I’m really digging teal at the moment, and as you mentioned, it looks great with so many other colours :-)


  3. The Antropologie room looks great (you inspired me to make some similar art on one of my walls — with empty gilded frames and colorful ribbons).

    The Russet color you show for spring also looks fabulous.

    Happy weekend to you dear Kelly! Hope all is well.

    ox, Mon

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