eDesign: Three Colorful Stories

One thing I love about electronic design is having the ability to work with clients no matter where they live.

It’s so nice ‘meeting’ and working with people who are passionate about bringing color into their home or business, even when they live in another state or country.  I had the pleasure of creating this Design Board {above} for Libby, a fellow blogger who lives in North Carolina in the Chapel Hill area.  She authors the wonderful blog, An Eye For Detail.

Libby already had great ideas for her kitchen.  She just needed an extra set of eyes and opinions to help her pull everything together.

We had a couple of phone conversations, email exchanges, and I viewed photos and a video of her kitchen that she uploaded.  Then I crafted a Design Board that put her in the right direction.  Libby has made a couple of changes, and that’s OK.  With Design Boards, I use specific items to create a vision, but I also encourage you to inject your own ideas.  You can follow Libby’s progress on her blog.

Tale #2 is about Allyson, a busy mother of four who lives in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Allyson contacted me after discovering my blog while she was snowed-in last month.  She wanted to create a colorful dining/living space — a departure from the rest of her home, which is mostly done in neutrals.  Although she loves color, Allyson was uncertain about how to add color to her home, but she was determined to overcome her hesitations.

She tested the paint colors that I suggested {very good idea!} and even sent photos:

{In the end, Ebbtide by SW won out.  This color looks terrific with Allyson’s new hardwood flooring.}

Shortly after Allyson made the final decision, I was delighted to receive a photo of her gorgeous blue room.  From there, I was able to create a Design Board based on previous information she gave me about her style and the space itself:

Allyson wrote that the Design Board “is perfect for someone like me who loves to shop for home decor so I can pick out items and try paint swatches myself.”  I hope to have more photos to show you soon of Allyson’s transformed space.

Finally, I want to share the tale of the Silver Star Diner, which will be opening soon in Ontario, Canada.

Last summer, the owner contacted me about helping him create a dynamic color palette for his new restaurant.  The restaurant would bring high-quality ‘contemporary comfort’ food to St. Catharines, a college town on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

After he emailed a few renderings of the restaurant’s original design, I colorized the sketches with specific wall colors that echoed my color choices for the seating {not shown}.  I also selected a silvery glass, mosaic tile for the restaurant’s entry wall.

When I last communicated with the owner, he mentioned that there had been some structural changes to the original plan, but the color palette was still a go.  I can’t wait to see photos of the restaurant when it’s finished and open for business, and of course I’ll share the pictures with you.

I hope you were inspired by these eDesign Tales.  I think they are great examples of how real people in different places are moving beyond the neutral zone to create really unique, colorful spaces.  What about you?

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6 thoughts on “eDesign: Three Colorful Stories

  1. I just read your post “Garden Inspired Rooms” a few minutes ago but i just can’t get enough of your creative works so I decided to open one of your very recent post. Your ideas in 3 e-Designs are great. The color blending suggestions are perfect and extra ordinary!

  2. Social media and blogging have really opened up a whole new world of design opportunities :-)

    LOVE the lighting for the dining table and the area rug for the eating area :-) And the colours in the restaurant are going to look fab!

  3. I love your Design Boards. I see tons all over Blogland, but it helps to see with a designer’s ‘eye’.

    I’ve had an increase in murals that aren’t local too. Not e-murals exactly ;) Wish I could! But maybe one day I’ll finally have my DIY mural kits designed – then people can paint their own. For now, I’m happy to ship wherever!

  4. Kelly: This is great! Thanks for “featuring” me. I’ll put it in a post tonight as a follow up. Just arranged for the new lights to go in next Wed., and, hopefully, the painter the end of the week.

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