Turquoise And Green


I know that for many of you the weather has been sweltering.  It’s been pretty warm here too on the East coast.  This is usually the time of year when I start to crave the watery hues of the ocean.

{tracy garfield via houzz}

Turquoise and green is one of my favorite color schemes.  It’s cool, refreshing and always stylish.


{house of turquoise}

If you’d like to try this color palette, try experimenting with different types of green.  Emerald, spearmint, lime green, wasabi green and olive green are some to try.

{house of turquoise}




So, if you’ve been burning up out there, I hope this post has inspired you to create a space where you can chill out and cool down.

*For more tips on picking the right green {and other great colors}, check out my column at houzz.com!

3 thoughts on “Turquoise And Green

  1. Love these combinations Kelly…and I’m headed over to Houzz right now!
    Yes, it’s going to be REALLY hot this week. Are you going away at all this summer?

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