Turquoise and Red

I have long admired the color combination of turquoise and red.

There is just something about pairing an ultra-serene color with one that is so electrifying. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’ve probably seen photos of my red room….

red room_kporter

…and you may have noticed that I have red chairs in my red room.  So, after 1o years of looking at all that red, I’m ready for a change.  I’m keeping the chairs (at least for now) but I’ve decided to paint the walls turquoise.



I’m not yet sure which color I’ll use.  For some reason, it is soooo much easier to select paint colors for my clients than it is for my own home, but I’m leaning towards a true Tiffany blue. This post includes some of my inspiration photos.  If you love turquoise and especially red, take a close look at these pictures.  Many people  love red but they don’t incorporate it in their homes because they are too afraid.

apartment therapy

apartment therapy


Red is definitely a bold color choice, and I would not necessarily recommend that you put red furniture in a red room like I did.  I loved it, but it’s not for everyone.  However, using a great shade of cranberry or crimson with soft blues, works very well because it creates a nice balance of color and energy.  Red also looks great with soft greens, gray and brown.

interiors by olatz

interiors by olatz





So, in my quest to find the perfect Tiffany blue, I used…what else?  A Tiffany gift box (I’ve gotten a few over the years, thanks to my wonderful husband).  Then, I matched it with some colors from BenjaminMoore.com:

Clockwise: The box; Mexicali Turquoise; Oceanic Teal; Caribbean Cool

The colors look almost the same, don’t they?  The variations appear subtle but you can really see the differences when the lighting is dimmer.  I think Mexicali Turquoise is the closest match, so I’m off to the paint store to test it out.  I’ll keep you posted!  And here is a little more inspiration (love this idea!):

9 thoughts on “Turquoise and Red

  1. I’m a little late to the party but here’s what I did in my office:

    The walls and ceiling are three shades of warm gray from the same BM paint chip (113).

    The accents are BM Scuba Green (which matches Tiffany Box Blue) and BM Calypso Orange (a little lighter than Electric Orange which is exactly Hermès Box Orange). Scuba Green and Calypso Orange have about the same saturation.

    Love your turquoise and red!

  2. Kelly,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the turquoise & red idea. You are so right about choosing colors for clients and ourselves. I work with customers daily on color choices but can take forever when choosing a color for any of my own projects. Can’t wait to see your finished project.

  3. I also have a way harder time choosing colours for myself than for clients. I think it’s because we know how many millions of paint colours are out there and we want to make sure we choose the perfect one :-)

    Your room is going to look spectacular in turquoise & red! The three colours you narrowed it down to are all great matches to Tiffany blue. Good luck with Mexicali Turquoise – let us know how it goes!

  4. I’ve loved red for a long time, and had my front hall up north in a gorgeous Farrow & Ball “Blazer”. In fact, we liked it so much we then did a small study in the same color.
    In this house I have red curtains, with a woven design, in the guest room paired with BM “Palladian Blue”: not turquoise, and yes pale, but it’s stunning (if I do say so!).
    Your new walls are going to be fabulous,,, I am quite sure! CAn’t wait to see the final Kelly.

  5. I love this combination together.In fact two rooms in our home have turquoise & red.
    Good luck in finding the right match Kelly.

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