Two Fall Centerpieces

September is when I start thinking about Fall decorating and entertaining…

So, I was very excited when Goose Creek Candle Co. sent me two of their incredibly delicious-smelling candles.  Do you like decorating with candles?

I was surprised at how beautiful these candles are.  After all, if you’ve seen one candle, you’ve seen them all, right?  Well, that’s not the case with Goose Creek.  Their American Heirloom candles look and smell amazing.  This may sound cliche, but they really do have a mouth-watering aroma that fills my whole house!  The best part is, you can use these candles to create fab fall centerpieces and tablescapes.  Let me show you what I did:


Red is always fall’s hottest hue.  With that in mind, I displayed the large Toasted Cinnamon candle on top of stacked cake plates.  Then I mixed in apples and other red accents.  I wish you could smell this candle right now!  It’s has a cinnamon-y scent with an extra kick.


Next, my husband really likes the Spun Sugar candle.  He says it smells “sexy.”  Not sure exactly what that means, but that description inspired me to create a romantic tablescape.  Once again, I put the candle atop two cake plates and surrounded it with milk glass vases.  I always display my large ceramic acorns each fall, so they work really well here.  You can also use mini-pumpkins or gourds.



Huge thanks to Goose Creek Candle Co. for sponsoring this post!

7 thoughts on “Two Fall Centerpieces

  1. although I am a sucker for Patchouli and would have first picked the Patchouli Scented Jar Candle the Iced Dew Drops caught my eye, thinking about the morning dew and the coolness of the air just before the sun is about to rise and plus the fragrance description sounds amazing so therefore I would like to win (drum roll please) ICED DEW DROPS…and thank you for the discount if I don’t win won I am definately gonna buy one

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