What’s Hot Now: Ceramic Garden Stools

Ceramic garden stools are one of my favorite design accessories right now, and they’re sizzling hot, too!




You see these stools everywhere — in magazines, catalogs and on design websites.  Designers love them, and if you’ve had your eye on one, read on for some good news at the end of this post!


I love these stools not only because they come in tons of delicious colors and patterns, but they also have multiple uses:  an end table, coffee table, ottoman, nightstand, plant stand, and of course, a sitting stool for indoors or out.

{instant interiors}


I’ve wanted one for my dining room but just never got around to buying it.  So imagine my surprise when I was asked to do a product review for ATG Stores! After browsing through ATG’s several on-line shops, I found the perfect reddish-orange stool {below} at OutdoorLivingShowroom.com.

Just the color I was looking for!  It looks terrific in my dining room…

…but it also adds the perfect pop of color outside in my garden.

So, my delimma is deciding where to put it.  That’s the bad news {if that’s really considered bad}.  The good news is, I’m partnering with ATG Stores to offer you a fantastic giveaway, which I will announce in my next post!  So, if you’ve been looking at a ceramic garden stool…or a lamp, or area rug, or bedding, or something else that’s really hot…stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “What’s Hot Now: Ceramic Garden Stools

  1. I will be waiting with bated breath! I do love these and for me they remind me of my grandmother (and great grandmother!). In those days they only came in a pale greenish blue…and I’m sure now would look so dated against all these great colors. Can’t wait Kelly!

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