White {Hot} House

Yes, I know.  The name of my blog is COLOR Sizzle and I am passionate about color.  However, every once in a while I come across a white space {gasp!} that I totally love.


This home’s stunning interior was designed by Lynne Scalo — who’s signature style includes the skillful use of white.   What I love is that, even though you’ll find very little color here {unless you see color in shades of white, black and taupe}, there is a clever infusion of texture and pattern, and that’s what makes this space sizzle.


Interesting accessories, occasional pops of muted color, and the furniture’s bold lines also add to this home’s appeal.  There is also a great mix of fabrics and materials:  leather, silk, velvet, wood, acrylic and a shag rug…just to name a few.



{Check out the artful arrangement of the kitchen’s lighting fixtures.  Very cool.}

lynne scalo



White spaces can often look cold and sterile, but that’s just not the case here.  This home is warm, inviting and has dimension thanks to the thoughtful combination of furnishings.  Although I love bold colors best, this is a style that I can truly appreciate.

photos from fchmagazine.com

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