Why You Should Have A Gray Room

I’ll admit it.  It took me a long time to warm up to gray.



At first I couldn’t get passed associating gray with dreary days and overall gloominess.  I’d seen gray spaces that I really liked, and I’ve even written about gorgeous gray rooms — but I convinced myself that gray would not work in my home because it wouldn’t vibe with my warm-autumn palette.  But as I write this post, I’ve just bought a gallon of gray paint {Pussywillow by Sherwin-Williams} to paint my dining room.

{Niki Papadopoulos via houzz}

Gray has shaken off its bad rep for being drab, and it now represents glamour and sophistication. Gray is truly the “It” neutral of the moment and it will definitely remain a hot hue in the near future.

{the lennoxx}

{design sponge}

Gray’s wild popularity has most likely been fueled by our technology-driven society {think sleek laptops}.  In its other forms, gray appears as chrome, stainless steel and white gold — materials that represent a chic modern lifestyle.

{eclectic revisited}

Gray is definitely on trend, but that’s not why I embraced it.  The more I saw gray rooms, the more I liked what I saw, and I began to notice a warmth in some of the tones.  I started to really analyze this color and was struck by its many unique variations.


Not every gray works for every space.  With it’s myriad of undertones, gray can look blue, green, purple, pinkish or brown.  So, choosing the right gray can be tricky.  The key is to compare a few different tones and then select the one that will best work with your furnishings and colors without it being too dominant.  That’s because gray represents a strong emotion {i.e ‘feeling gray’ and ‘gray skies ahead’} so it’s important that your choice of gray doesn’t overwhelm the space.

For example, in my home warmer grays will work best because their toasty undertones will complement the rich, wood furniture that I have.


{apartment therapy}

The other great thing about using gray for a neutral backdrop is that it looks good with every other color on earth.  The same is not always true with beige.  For example, certain shades of yellow and beige combined can look like something gross.  On the other hand, put any type of yellow with gray and the result is stunning:

{architects for life}


{I also love gray with red.  Photo from decorpad}

There is definitely a gray for everyone and every style.  I’ve heard from some of you who live in rainy/cloudy climates {like Seattle} who say you would never consider a gray room, but this color can work for you, too.  Just look for the lighter tints and embellish the room with vibrant accent colors.  You’ll be surprised.


These days when it comes to color, using gray is the best way to update your home and give it a current look right now and for years to come.  That’s why you {and I} should have a gray room.

9 thoughts on “Why You Should Have A Gray Room

  1. Saw an article you wrote about “going greige ” and loved it !!!
    I am hoping to use SW quiver tan as an acent color and was wondering what was the light color that was shown with it , or it you had any suggestions of a light beige , gray or ” greige ” to go with it ?

    Thanks in Advance !!!

  2. Oh one of my favorite colors is grey…it took me a while to warm up to it as well but NOW I can’t get enough of it!

    Oh come check out my new blog! All about COLOR! I think you’ll love it! Plus I am doing a Kate Spade giveaway!



  3. Im right there with ya. It took time for me to “warm” up to gray- I always felt it was such a cold-unfeeling color, but it is truly the opposite. And I truly believe there is a gray for everyone.
    Great post!

  4. I’m painting my room Amherst Gray from Ben. Moore and pairing it with white trim/Spirit in the Sky blue for ceiling. The undertones are the trickiest thing with all the warm and cool grays for sure!

  5. I love grey! I tend to gravitate to greys with blue & lavender undertones, but I’ve also found some amazing greys with no undertones that have worked perfect in my house. I painted the hallway Pratt & Lambert Windham and the guest bedroom CIL Veil, which have no undertones at all. Our master bedroom is Debbie Travis Manta Grey, which has a blue undertone. And the living room and my office are greys with purple undertones.

    I love that grey looks great with every colour – it really is the perfect neutral :-)

    {I hope you’ll participate in Bake-N-Blog with your snowball cookies!}

  6. Of course, you know I am loving gray! My kitchen, gray and yellow, is just perfect (thanks for ALL the help Kelly!). No, it’s still not finished…. But we couldn’t be happier with gray!

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