Color Scheme: Yellow And Brown

This photo recently appeared on the cover of The Washington Post.

This amazing 300 acre sunflower field is located just north of Baltimore on Clear Meadow Farm. It’s quite an image, and it inspired this post on Yellow and Brown spaces.


A Yellow and Brown color scheme has a definite, casual, retro vibe {think harvest-yellow appliances and dark brown paneling of the ’60’s and ’70’s}.  However, this color scheme can also be very elegant.

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8 thoughts on “Color Scheme: Yellow And Brown

  1. Nice color combination.

    The yellow color is the most color i don’t like.
    But with your combination i can see that the yellow color could interesting too.

    Good idea.


  2. When I read your post title, my first thought was 70s!! But these rooms really have a 2000’s vibe — except for maybe the first one with the wallpaper!! The bedroom in the last picture is my favourite.

    I bet that field of sunflowers is awesome to see in real life :-)


  3. Kelly
    All of these photos are amazing! I could do without the funny person wiping their forehead in the sunflowers, but who am I to critique such a lovely photo of an amazing group of farmed flowers. Wow!

  4. I’m not so keen on this colour combination. Yellow is such a summery colour but needs to sit with the right colour and `i’m not convinced that brown is the best one. I agree with Marie that yellow looks good with grey.

  5. The person in the sunflower photo looks very distressed – possibly lost? Can too many sunflowers be a bad thing!? Good to see a more attractive twist on the dreaded ‘harvest yellow’ you mention – know that scourge well!

  6. Always a favorite for me as well as with gray. Even though yellow has been the big “it” color lately, I still think it can be timeless. Good yellows are hard to find so I tend to head towards the golds. Such lovely pics!

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